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Wonderful Artwork By Mexican Painter Creates Media Sensation

When you are thinking about a sport that requires the enthusiasm and the team spirit in the best sense, then there is only one thing that comes into your mind. And that is basketball. Just imagining the players running in unison with the correct techniques to score a point makes adrenaline rush through your veins.

The Fever of Basketball

No other sort is as physically rejuvenating and exhilarating as basketball for sure. And this is exactly the reason why most people die for the basketball players. Every other guy is a fan of basketball and it is really not a big issue for people to gather around in stadium to cheer their favourite teams. But every once in a while, there are somethings that blow your minds away. Some fans just go and do all sorts of unimaginable things to pay a tribute to this wonderful sport and this exactly what we are gonna talk about now.

Recently, an event that has been all around the news is the latest rendition of Gilda Garza that has managed to garner the attention of social media platforms.

The beautiful rendition of a giant basketball shoe, by the Mexican painter Gilda Garza, which was unveiled in the NBA’s 50th Anniversary Slam Dunk event on the 22nd of September. Also, dubbed as ‘The Sole of the Phoenix’ this amazing rendition captured the hearts of every single guest present at the event.

With bold strokes of colours such as gold and orange in the upper part and a beautiful touch of black to paint the laces and the outsoles, the painting revealed the clear tribute to the amazing basketball team of Arizona, the Phoenix Suns. What marvelled the guests was the patriotism of the painter who drew two cheerleaders of the team reaching for the flags of U.S. and Mexico on either side of the shoe.

Known to be one of her biggest projects, this rendition is certain what most people would call, majestic and flawless.


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