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Which Popular Athletes Use Steroids for Bodybuilding?

Nowadays, more number of athletes and bodybuilders are turning towards steroids. Steroids also known as dietary supplements help in gaining muscular mass and reducing body-fat at a faster pace. This guide will brief you some more details about how important steroids are in the life of athletes.

Athletes and Steroids

In professional sports, there is lot of pressure on athletes and sportsperson for maintaining body-weight and gaining muscular mass. These in turn directly affect their athletic performance. Various athletes use steroids to enhance their athletic performance.

How Effective Are Steroids to Improve Performance?

Though there is no doubt in the fact that steroids help in improving the performance of athletes. However, it is worth mentioning here that only steroids aren’t enough for achieving the desired goals. It is important to combine steroids with proper diet and regular workouts. Though steroids can make weight-loss journey easier for athletes, but there is no as such magic pill in the world and the importance of workouts and proper nutrition can’t be questioned in this regard.

In case, you’re new to steroids, it’s important that you research well about it. If a particular drug is suitable to your friend, doesn’t mean it will necessarily be suitable to you as well. Suitability of steroids depends upon various factors including height, weight, age, sex, and health status etc. Therefore, it is important to research-well about these factors and proceed ahead after doctor’s consultation.

Famous Athletes and Steroids

There are many well-known athletes who are reported taking steroids. Some of these famous athletes are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris Colabello, Terry Crews, Jay Cutler, Diego Maradona, Brian Cushing, Michael Clarke Duncan, Mike Tyson, Jose Canseco and Ronnie Coleman.

These athletes have used popular steroids such as Deca Durabolin, Dianabol, and Primoblan etc. for cutting and bulking purposes. It has been communicated by bodybuilders in interviews that excess dieting can lead to potential loss in body mass. Therefore, combining dieting and workout with steroids can actually work.

Steroids for Bodybuilding

If you also want a body like famous athletes, you can take steroids for complementing your dieting and exercise regimen. It’s important to note that all steroids may not be useful for you and therefore before taking a suitable steroid, you should consult your health care practitioner.

He/ she will advice you the right steroid as per your body. Besides this, your physician can advice you the exact quantity of steroid to be taken.


Hope this guide will help you in deciding if you should take steroids for bodybuilding or not.


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