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Top Mountain bikes for kids

We know all kids love adventure and thrill, irrespective of whatever age they are. All the kids are fond of exploring undiscovered trails on their own and set off to enjoy new found liberty.

This is the reason that right from the toddler age they start riding tricycle and other kinds of fancy kid’s automobiles. In other words, learning how to ride a bicycle is a vital part of any kid’s life.

With the availability of best kid mountain bike in the market, the young riders have got all the much needed freedom to even ride off-road or rugged path, locations that regular bikes cannot go.

Both girls and boys relish riding on this mode of transport whether it is a trip to a neighborhood park to the extra classes or as a delightful form of exercise.

Here are tips to consider when shopping for a best kid mountain bike:

  • Appearance- The look and color of the bike also plays an important part for both the genders. You can choose from stylish to funky ones as per your taste. It is the appearance which attracts the kids first.
  • Fit and Size- The wheels of the mountain bike play a major role as they decide the ratio of the bike.

Models of kid’s mountain bike range between 12 inches to 24 inches, 26 inches being an adult size. It is better to take the kid along so that he/she can take a trial ride.

  • Frame- The frame makes up the biggest section of any kind of best kid mountain bike, as it supports the entire body weight of the kid.
  • Brakes- Normally, any mountain bike utilizes either rim brakes or disc brakes. In rim brakes or linear brakes, the rider drags to use rubber brake pads right away on the metallic rim of the wheels.


While in disc brakes the focus is on rotors which are escalated on the wheels with the help of unique brake pads.

  • Tires- The tires of the mountain bike are there for stability. In kid’s bike, a larger tire means more surface area and added touch with the floor along with extra cushion.
  • Gears- A series of gears can make it much easier for the rider to pedal uphill or withstand greater speed as you go up, provided the kid takes extra caution.
  • Fork- You basically have the option to choose between a rigid and suspension fork for a mountain bike for kids. In suspension bikes the ride is much smoother; however it is only needed if your kid wishes to ride on more technical tracks. Whereas, a rigid fork is best suited for cross-country riding.

From the above points it is quite clear on how to choose the best kid mountain bike, which is inclusive of the wheel size, safe braking system, suspension types, maintenance and fitting features.

In addition to this you should even consider other factors like the trustworthiness of the seller, cost, and of course preference and choice of your kid.



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