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The Milwaukee Brewers- Who Runs As the 5 Famous Klement Racing Sausages

When it comes to NFL and NBA games, fans always are in for not only play but serious entertainment as well. When it comes to the home games of The Milwaukee Brewers, you cannot ignore the Famous Racing Sausages of the team. Ardent fan of the team, Sandy Petrocelli says that when it comes to The Milwaukee Brewers, Bernie Brewer, its mascots and the famous 5 Klement Racing Sausages cannot afford to be missed. They first started out virtually however ever since they have appeared live in action, there has been no looking back for these adorable sausages when it comes to love and entertainment at the home games of The Milwaukee Brewers.

What are the names of the famous sausages?

The names of the 5 Klement Racing Sausages have been given by the sponsor of the race. The following are a brief description of these famous racing sausages and their names-

  1. Brett Wurst- This is the first racing sausage and he is a bratwurst. He is known for his costume that comprises of Austro-Bavarian lederhosen that is green in color.
  2. StoshJonjak- This is the name of the second racing sausage in the game. He is Polish Sausage that is known for his signature sunglasses and a rugby shirt that is blue and red in color.
  3. Guido- This is the third racing sausage and is an Italian Sausage and wears a costume that is designed for a chef.
  4. Frankie Furter- This is the name of the fourth racing sausage and he is a hot dog wearing a baseball uniform.
  5. Cinco- This is the fifth and the last racing sausage. He is a chorizo and he wears a sombrero.

The fans of these racing sausages do not use their full names. They are mostly referred to in the order of as Brat, Polish, Italian, Hot Dog and Chorizo.

Who runs as these 5 Sausages?

The staff of The Milwaukee Brewers or Miller Park runs as these 5 Klement Racing Sausages. The employees wear huge costumes that are 7 feet high. The huge costumes have been specially designed for the 5 sausages so that fans can see them clearly while they are racing. The costumes are about 3 inches high from the top of the heads of the runners and they reach below the knees so that they can run without hassles.

Mini versions are called The Little Weenies

These sausages come out during their home games as mini-versions and they are called the Little Weenies. The Famous Racing Sausages also appear at several charitable events and the most popular one is the 5K Race/Walk. Here, their fans can also get the chance to be close to them.

The proceeds of the charitable events go to The Brewers Community Foundation says Sandy Petrocelli. He adds that on the days when they are not playing, they make personal appearances at events. These famous racing sausages also race against The Racing Pierogies and The Pittsburgh Pirates twice every year. He says that both adults and kids love these racing sausages and this is why they are popular today!



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