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Revolutionize the Way You Manage Your Golf Records

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A New Way of Building a Golf Team

What is golf to you? Is it just another game to enjoy with your buddies? Is it an activity needs to be done to build a strong relationship with your business clients? Is it a luxury sport that you have neither the time nor the budget to enjoy? Everyone has their own point of view when it comes to golf as a game. Some like it as something fun; others may thrive to be a professional golfer. Well, if your plan entails becoming a professional golf athlete, you will need a professional support as well. This includes being able to keep track on your game and everything else related to it.

A Perfect Assistant

Golf-Software for teams can be a solution to your needs. This web-based application can help you a lot in a big way. See, writing down scores, strokes, and whatnot is proven difficult when you have to maintain concentration within the field. Your focus should be on how you can get a perfect score, not maintaining details of info at the same time. You can get help from a manager to do all this and that manager can find Golf-Scoring something assistive of their role. The application, being web-based, can also be used no matter when and where.

Golf-Scoring Features are intrinsically divided into two major groups: the general features of the app and the features dedicated to the user. The first group covers design, maintenance, news, login area, statistics, and mobile apps. The app has an interface design that can fit the device it is being accessed on. The interface automatically adapts to the device, so you won’t find it confusing to view despite using even a smartphone. Data maintenance allows you to input text or images independently; this could be helpful when you wish to view information based on text only or display image files to evaluate a game. The news section will be useful when you are on a team. Events and others can be shared with fellow teammates wirelessly. The login area of the app is encrypted, making it accessible only to those who know the credentials. You can also choose to hide statistics so that regular visitors of the website can’t view your team’s data. The app is also available on mobile form, designed for both Android and iOS, so you won’t have to come on the official website to login. The second group of the features is meant for specific golfer. A player can be invited into the app by a manager and that player has access to edit their own profile page. This also means that an admin has the right to edit the membership of a player; they can be assigned to a team within the app or completely deleted when they are out. Every individual player can also access their own statistics on a dedicated page. A player can see many benefits using this app and the features it boasts as it allows them to use it according to their requirements.


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