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Night Angler: How to Fish at Night

Are you tired of the same old early morning fishing? Would you like to try something new and engaging? Perhaps nighttime fishing is the thing you are looking for. Yes, you will still be fishing at your favorite destinations, but this time you will have to overcome very special challenges.

Does this sound attractive to you? If you want to become an avid angler and master fishing at night, scroll down and learn a few things about it.

Light Your Way

You do know that the majority of the fish species react to a source of light. The bright white light can alarm the fish and spook them off your location. This is why you should consider only bringing a small headlamp with you.

Using the gear with fluorescent markers will help you manage fishing in the dark. If you can, we suggest you go with headlamps that are either green or red, as these won’t alarm the fish.

On the other hand, if you enjoy fishing from the boat, you should consider a green fish light. These lights are specifically designed to power from your boat battery. They will not only help you by shedding some light onto your surroundings but also attract fish to your boat and thus increase your chances of landing a good catch.

Bring Spare Rods

If you like to set up several rods, you should know that doing it at night will take you more time and cause you to make more errors. Re-rigging your tackle will force you to use light, and create more disturbances. You don’t want that.

Have at least one spare rigged rod that you can use if you have to switch a rod in your setup for whatever reason. Spinning gear is especially useful if you encounter a lot of backlashes. But this only applies to circumstances when you don’t have to place your lure accurately.

Scout the Area

You might be under the impression that you know the area you will fish during the night really well. We urge you to reconsider this and revisit it once more, but this time more cautiously and observing all the obstacles and vegetation.

This will save you a lot of time once you hit the area during the night, prevent you from getting hurt, and help you keep noise to a minimum.

Hopefully, this guide will help you become more proficient at fishing at night. There will be considerably fewer people around you, so be extra careful.


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