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Keep your Smart Sports Shoes clean

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Once you have purchased the Smart Sports Shoes well fitted and suited for your needs, it’s become mandatory to know how to care for it too. Since, these are high performance shoes; they need a hand in their upkeep and maintenance to provide you the service that you require of them.

It’s not only about the purchase of the Smart Sports Shoes that one has to keep in mind; one bought keeping them clean will help them last their usefulness. This will enable you to have a long lasting relationship with your Smart Sports Shoes, and keep them fungus and bacteria free and since you’re spending good money on them, its time to hit the guide for its maintenance 101.

  • You will need a sponge, small amount of baking soda and soap. Things easily found in the daily household.
  • First, loosen the shoes from its laces and fasteners and place it in a sink or a tub.
  • Next, fill the tub or sink with tepid water, while adding adequate amount of soap to it. The soap that you use should be mild; otherwise it might damage your shoes. However, here shampoo makes a good alternative for soap.
  • Now wet the sponge that you have at your disposal while coating it with baking soda. This will immediately foam up.
  • With the sponge now gently wash each shoe properly from both the inside and out. Rubbing the stubborn parts will get you better results.
  • Then submerge the shoes into the water and leave them soaking for a good half an hour or so. This will help clean out the particles that you have left behind and help release the grimy dirt off it.
  • Next, place the, under running water taps so that you can rid them of the soap and baking soda along with the dirt.
  • Use a towel to wipe off the dripping shoes, and leave them to dry.

This method will ensure that unwarranted odours and dirt leaves your shoe, and shoe is good as new!



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