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All you need to know about extreme sports

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Sports are of various types and everyone chooses the sports according to their passion. The general sports are cricket, badminton, wrestling and many more. But have you heard about extreme sports? What is the difference between the general sports and extreme sports? What are the types of extreme sports? The general sports are the one which anyone can perform depending on the quality level but the not everyone has the guts to perform the extreme sports. So before knowing the reason for this, it is important to know what exactly the extreme sports is?

What are extreme sports?

  • An extreme sports is something which have the higher level of risk and danger. There are different types of extreme sports which have different types of danger. But whatever is the type of extreme sport, every type of extreme sport increases the level of adrenaline in your veins. There are different kinds of extreme sports like extreme ironing, rock climbing, snowboarding, scuba diving, hang gliding, bungee jumping and many more. These are also considered as adult sports and teenagers cannot perform these sports because of high risk.

  • The Ernest Hemingway is the one who defined the exact term of extreme sports. He stated that there is a difference between sports and games. Games are the one who anyone can perform while sports are the one who can only be performed by specific people. He makes a list of 3 sports and stated that these three are only sports and rest all are games, not sports. The list of three involves mountaineering, motor racing and bullfighting. But nowadays, the list of extreme sports includes a lot of other sports. In simple words, the sports which can lead to death are extreme sports.

  • The extreme sports are broadly classified into two types, on the basis of the number of people involved. The first is solitary extreme sports while another one is group extreme sports. The solitary extreme sports involve only one person while the group extreme sports involve the two or more than two members or players.

  • Do you know, not everyone does it as their passion. In fact, some people do it as their passion while some do this to make their profession. In layman’s language, some people follow the sport for increasing the adrenaline pump into their veins while some want to take the sport further and make their profession in the future. In order to do this, they hire a coach and learn the sort according to the guidelines, rules and regulations.

  • Apart from the risk, another difference between the normal sports and extreme sports is the sportsman’s performance. The performance of a sports person highly varies from both the sports. For example, the cricket is similar every time. Although the ground is different but the conditions made normal for the cricketer as well as a bowler but in the sports like mountaineering, the condition of the mountain vary every time. It is difficult to keep all the mountains in the similar condition, so that is why the performance of the sportsperson is not clear-cut, in case of extreme sports.

  • Just like other games, the extreme sports are also being performed at the international levels. A competition is being held in the united states from the last several years and the name of the competition is X games. The participants of this game perform the extreme sports and the one wins the competition at last.

In the nutshell, the day is not so far when these extreme sports will be played on the national, international and all over the world.


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